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Jolly Agencies

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Metal Clamp and Bore Cap

Our corporation is involved in manufacturing of Decorative Lamp Post, Street Light Pole Bracket & MS Bore Caps and many more.

Metal Clamp

Wash Basin ClampGet Quotation

Wash Basin Clamp

Motor ClampGet Quotation

Motor Clamp

L Brackets

L BracketGet Quotation

L Bracket

L ClampGet Quotation

L Clamp

L BracketGet Quotation

L Bracket

Shelf BracketsGet Quotation

Shelf Brackets

BracketGet Quotation



GI Saddle ClampGet Quotation

GI Saddle Clamp

Step ClampGet Quotation

Step Clamp

Bolt ClampGet Quotation

Bolt Clamp

C ClampGet Quotation

C Clamp

Steel Pipe ClampGet Quotation

Steel Pipe Clamp

Fan Hooks

Fan Hook Square ClampGet Quotation

Fan Hook Square Clamp

Ceiling HooksGet Quotation

Ceiling Hooks

Street Light Clamps

Street Light Poles

Gi Slotted C Channel

Slotted BracketGet Quotation

Slotted Bracket

Hose Clip

Hose ClipGet Quotation

Hose Clip

MS Bore Caps

MS Bore CapsGet Quotation

MS Bore Caps

Wall Mount Angle

Bend Pipe

Service PipeGet Quotation

Service Pipe

Gp Pipes

GP Round PipeGet Quotation

GP Round Pipe

Wall Clamp

Wall ClampGet Quotation

Wall Clamp

Galvanised Iron PIpe

GI Round PipeGet Quotation

GI Round Pipe

Mild Steel Pipes

MS Round PipeGet Quotation

MS Round Pipe

Jsw Jindal Roofing Sheet

Jsw Roofing SheetsGet Quotation

Jsw Roofing Sheets

Street Light Pipe

Street Light PipeGet Quotation

Street Light Pipe

Foundation Bolt

Swing Clamps

Swing Hook ClampGet Quotation

Swing Hook Clamp

Metal Cloth Hanger

Mild Steel Patta Clamp

MS Substation ClampsGet Quotation

MS Substation Clamps

Fan Clamps

Round Fan Hook ClampGet Quotation

Round Fan Hook Clamp

Dryer Rack

Metal Hose Clamps

Hose ClampsGet Quotation

Hose Clamps

Clamping Solutions

Glass Shelf Support

Shelf BracketsGet Quotation

Shelf Brackets

Glass Shelf Brackets

Iron Shelf BracketsGet Quotation

Iron Shelf Brackets

Cfl Fitting

Cfl FittingsGet Quotation

Cfl Fittings

Earthing Pipes

Earth PipeGet Quotation

Earth Pipe

J Hooks

J Hook Rod MS ClampGet Quotation

J Hook Rod MS Clamp


L Shelf BracketGet Quotation

L Shelf Bracket

Hand Pump Washer

Hand Pump Connecting Rod

Hand Pump Rod MSGet Quotation

Hand Pump Rod MS


Angle BracketGet Quotation

Angle Bracket

Pulley Operated Cloth Drying System

Hand Operated Piston Pump

J Clamp

J ClampGet Quotation

J Clamp